Trance & Rescue

To me, if you are going to do rescue, you will also do trance. This is because in both cases, spirit are taking over your senses, taking over your vocal cords, taking over your ‘body’.

I started doing rescue before I was doing trance. The first time I heard about rescue mediumship, I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever heard of. I also saw the beauty and genius of being able to help two people by doing one thing; two for the price of one, I used to say. That is, helping both incarnate and discarnate spirit at the same time. I was therefore smitten and I knew, if I ever could, I wanted to do it! Why, because I’ve always wanted to help people and this was a unique type of ‘work’. You can also see the results of your labours and because you can make everyone’s lives better.

You see, when you help with rescue, you are allowing a lost soul to go home plus restoring the person’s life here on the earth plane back to normality. When I first got involved with rescue work, there was only one way to do it – one procedure – I now know different. We are learning all the time.

Rescue Mediumship

When I began my rescue mediumship, it was something done by two people. A medium who would manifest the spirit in question and a corresponding medium whose job it was to coax this spirit entity over to the ‘other side’. Rescue work was either done in a spiritual circle or at the place where the rescue or ‘exorcizing’ needed doing.

Since then, I have learnt that a rescue can be done by a medium on their own, with two or more mediums linking up and working together even though they all live in different areas and that a medium’s participation in a rescue can vary too.

To hear about my experiences doing rescue you can read my books. I also detail why we need a medium if spirit’s power is phenomenal and show how this is done using step by step taped tutorials. You can buy my Development Book by clicking here now.

Excerpt from ‘A Medium’s Tale’ by Jenny Martin – Autobiography

One evening I arrived and Vicky told me that it was just the two of us and we would be sitting in her front room instead of the back. By now I had done many rescues and was getting used to them coming through although I still lacked confidence as each one would be totally different. This would be the evening that we helped a lieutenant colonel. His voice was very posh and as usual, Vicky was handling him very well and found out that he hadn’t passed over due to concern about his men. But what was so surprising was that when his wife came to collect him, I saw a row of wives all turned out in their best ‘forties’ clothes and it was then I knew, that not only was the lieutenant colonel going home but he was taking his regiment with him! (I had learnt how sometimes Spirit would remove several people at the same time but never imagined it being part of an army!) Vicky and I have never forgotten that rescue.”



There are different kinds of circles:-

  • An open circle where anyone can attend.
  • A closed circle for chosen members only.
  • A healing circle dedicated to healing.
  • A teaching circle done via trance or by direct teaching, this can be open or closed.
  • A working circle used by spirit to work for spirit, hopefully always closed!

Often the minute someone realises that they are psychic or mediumistic they think they must join a circle. They think this is the glamour or social status of a psychic or medium. They think this is how they can develop the quickest – wrong!

Circles aren’t glamorous

Circles aren’t glamorous and circles aren’t the exclusive way to develop either. To me, your attunements are your greatest opportunity to blend with spirit for your higher good.

A closed circle is always better for obvious reasons but the disciplines still apply. Asking for protection and closing down are the tools you must always apply and never forget. They are vital for your health and safety like wearing a hard hat when you ride a bike or visit a demolition site. You can learn how to do this by following the tutorial in my Development Book.

Spiritual Circles

Spiritual circles are brought together with a great deal of care by spirit which is the difference between a psychic circle and a spiritual one. It is brought into being by teamwork with spirit never by the will of the sitters. A circle’s harmony is built gradually, slowly, as each sitter is brought into the circle. When a circle is convened by spirit, the sitters are of like mind and their level of understanding is similar.

When you sit within a spiritual circle you do not sit for personal achievement. You are not brought into a spiritual circle for your own personal development, you are brought into a spiritual circle and asked to serve. The whole ethos of a spiritual circle is not demand, is not development, it is service. You do not choose what you are going to do either. You ask, ‘How may I serve? How may I best serve spirit and best enhance the work of this circle?’

If anyone ever asks you, ‘Want to join a circle?’ or words to that effect, be wary. If you are meant to be in a circle you will be asked or led in such a way that you know is right, not a casual, ‘Why don’t you join ours?’

More information about circles can be found in my book ‘So… You Want to Develop Spiritually?’ or you can contact me directly.