There are different kinds of circles:-

  • An open circle where anyone can attend.
  • A closed circle for chosen members only.
  • A healing circle dedicated to healing.
  • A teaching circle done via trance or by direct teaching, this can be open or closed.
  • A working circle used by spirit to work for spirit, hopefully always closed!

Often the minute someone realises that they are psychic or mediumistic they think they must join a circle. They think this is the glamour or social status of a psychic or medium. They think this is how they can develop the quickest – wrong!

Circles aren’t glamorous

Circles aren’t glamorous and circles aren’t the exclusive way to develop either. To me, your attunements are your greatest opportunity to blend with spirit for your higher good.

A closed circle is always better for obvious reasons but the disciplines still apply. Asking for protection and closing down are the tools you must always apply and never forget. They are vital for your health and safety like wearing a hard hat when you ride a bike or visit a demolition site. You can learn how to do this by following the tutorial in my Development Book.

Spiritual Circles

Spiritual circles are brought together with a great deal of care by spirit which is the difference between a psychic circle and a spiritual one. It is brought into being by teamwork with spirit never by the will of the sitters. A circle’s harmony is built gradually, slowly, as each sitter is brought into the circle. When a circle is convened by spirit, the sitters are of like mind and their level of understanding is similar.

When you sit within a spiritual circle you do not sit for personal achievement. You are not brought into a spiritual circle for your own personal development, you are brought into a spiritual circle and asked to serve. The whole ethos of a spiritual circle is not demand, is not development, it is service. You do not choose what you are going to do either. You ask, ‘How may I serve? How may I best serve spirit and best enhance the work of this circle?’

If anyone ever asks you, ‘Want to join a circle?’ or words to that effect, be wary. If you are meant to be in a circle you will be asked or led in such a way that you know is right, not a casual, ‘Why don’t you join ours?’

More information about circles can be found in my book ‘So… You Want to Develop Spiritually?’ or you can contact me directly.

2 thoughts on “Circles”

  1. I’ve known Jenny for nearly ten years now. Even though we have never lived particularly close to each other, I feel she is always there for me and only a phone call away. I first saw Jenny at my local spiritualist church, where she was the speaker/medium for the Sunday service. I then heard that she was going to do a one day workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed. From there I joined a development circle and in that time, Jenny taught us from the very basics in spirituality i.e. Protection, discipline, Attunement, communication with your guides, and healing. We had lots of homework to do in-between our meetings. Jenny always made time to listen to all of us and gave advice whenever needed. At the end of the year, we formed our own rescue circle so I’ve also had the pleasure of sitting with Jenny in a rescue circle in which I feel Jenny is a master. Jenny is selfless and lives her life helping others. She never judges anyone or the circumstances they may find themselves in. Jenny’s life has not been easy – far from it – but she has a wealth of experience behind her and the ability, through living this spiritual life, to help anyone if she can in the most positive way. I truly value her friendship.

  2. I have known Jenny Martin for over ten years…….. I had a home circle which Jenny joined and from ‘A Circle of Service’ grew a healing circle alternating with a ‘Spirit Rescue Circle’. This was amazing – who came through whilst Jenny was in trance. I kept a note of the hundreds of souls who are now with their loved ones (and animals who were pets) in their home in Spirit. Bless you Jenny.

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