Spiritual Counselling


How does one describe counselling or even spiritual counselling?

The most common reason for needing counselling is that each person has reached a stage where they need help to move forward.

Often talking to people who you know well, doesn’t work as they cannot look objectively at your situation; you need an unbiased individual who only has your best interests at heart.

Jenny Martin knows that when someone first asks for help, they are to be CONGRATULATED as they are taking that first step THEMSELVES to improving their situation and dilemma.

Here are some examples why people often contact Jenny for help:-

  • They have either come to a point in their lives where they need to make a decision and don’t know which route to choose?
  • They have gone as far as they know how and feel at a dead end.
  • They feel tired, exhausted, tearful and drained with no energy left to do even the most basic life chores.
  • They are fighting with their own conscience knowing they are stuck in a rut.
  • Everything is screaming at them to get HELP and ANSWERS.
  • They wish to move forward either physically or be helped to progress spiritually.
  • They have felt different for some time and need to share and understand what has been going on?
  • They know they are different and have waited to find the right person to help them.
  • They have tried to progress spiritually before but were unsuccessful and now feel more empowered.

Why Jenny’s counselling is often ‘Clearing the Decks’, healing and even private tuition?   (A 3 in 1 service).

As each person is unique and on their own individual pathway, this must be the foundations on which they are helped.  You need to understand each person, their character and their personality, their personal situation and their ability to help themselves.  It is not always easy, neither is it always straight forward.

By coming and talking to Jenny, she is able to connect all the relevant factors in each equation and reduce the problems to simple actions and answers – like untying a ball of string.

By naturally working with her spirit guides, Jenny can see the way clearly, identify the gaps in progress and help to untie the knots which hold people back.


If you would like to contact Jenny, you can do this by filling out the Contact Form.  Jenny will reply to your request within 7 days.

7 thoughts on “Counselling”

  1. “I had a beautiful time with you on Thursday and was very grateful to have found you.
    I have read your book in record time, as I couldn’t put it down, it was so beautifully written and yes it did make me laugh.”

  2. It was lovely to see you yesterday, a very memorable day. I can’t thank you enough for finding so much time to listen and help me talk through things, and you were right, the man that left you was not the one who arrived.
    I drove home with the feeling of excitement, optimism and free-spirit and now feel the stars are more aligned for me to start to take the necessary small steps on the road to fulfilment that we talked about. So exciting…
    Thank you for being there Jenny, you have helped me such a lot.

  3. You are an absolutely amazing person. You are so special and really wonderful. I enjoyed all of our time together talking. I will be sure to come again soon once progress is made for the future and have had a read of the book; means so much.
    SOPHIE; BRECON. 14.11.18 18.24

    “Thank you so much, I believe things are working already. I feel so much calmer and the weight has lifted.” SOPHIE; BRECON. 15.11.18. 21.52.

  4. Hi Jenny, Thanks for the sound advice, sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees!
    I am going to just sit back and let things develop and …………
    Thanks again for the advice and insight, sometimes it’s good to hear an opinion outside the situation you find yourself in. Take care and Namaste.

  5. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the help and healing you’ve given me.
    You are genuinely one in a million for your kindness to help others, I enjoy spending time with you every time we meet.
    I have started reading your book I’m on chapter two next.

  6. It was comforting and inspirational talking to today and as always made perfect sense to me when we chatted earlier.

    “I feel you are my personal LIFE COACH Jenny. Not only my spiritual life coach but my earthly one too giving me the pivotal balance that I need and moving me forward in my own time and my own space, whilst holding my ✋ hand when I need it most and letting go when I feel I can fly solo. I cannot ask for anything more, you are the genie in my lamp who gives me endless wishes 🌠and support”. THANK YOU. 🙏.

  7. Jenny it was so lovely spending time with you today. I really appreciate your openness, honesty, lack of ego and general all round loveliness. Thank you for walking beside me on this journey. For the first time I don’t feel afraid or alone and I feel I’m finally learning the skills to develop safely and correctly.

    8 August 2017. Amanda; Mon.
    “For what it’s worth, I have never felt more positive and reassured and also feeling very loved and close to my guides.
    My self worth for the first time in years is better than it’s ever been.
    It’s all so new and mind blowing to me. I have spent years fighting this side of my life but I have never felt so loved and nurtured by my guides. I do trust them 100%. Also, I was able to open my eyes and consciously write down all that was happening as it unfolded and found that I could return instantly to where the attunement had paused.”

    12 August 2017. Amanda; Mon.
    “I feel my 2nd attunement was meant to be. It really tested my belief and acceptance. It is one thing feeling ready; that I made lots of positive changes, quite another registering this on a deep spiritual level, that maybe I wouldn’t have felt had I not had the 2nd attunement. I learnt SO much about myself from my guides from that.
    I know I am totally accepting now, that left brain voice had completely left me now even in my daily life. I feel I am able to interpret the symbols more correctly now as well.
    The closing down when leaving home works wonderfully as does the closing before sleep. My dreams are lovely and full of symbolism. I am able to translate them too.”

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