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Jenny Martin, Spiritual Medium

All knowledge should be shared.  Jenny knows that we are all pupils as well as teachers and her books are an opportunity to share her life of spiritual learning and teaching with both ‘teachers’ and ‘pupils’ alike.

She also knows that people with psychic ‘gifts’ can sometimes feel lonely, confused and often ‘stuck in a rut’.

By using her deep knowledge and understanding of spiritual relationships, psychic counselling and personal development, Jenny will help you ‘unlock’ and move forward positively in your life.

Jenny’s spiritual education came from the highest level. Many years ago, during one of her earliest attunements, she was told by Spirit, “You do not need books or to go on courses, we will teach you all you need to know. What you call spiritualism is not a religion but a knowledge.”

Since then, Jenny has dedicated her energies to helping others and has released a spiritual development manual, ‘So… You Want To Develop Spiritually?’ based on her 15 years of teaching. This insightful book is a spiritual companion, exploring the truths of the Spirit for you to adopt in your pursuit of happiness, confidence and most of all, inner peace.

Arrange Some Personal Tuition

Visit Jenny for personal help, spiritual/psychic counselling and mentoring offered via one-to-one support or for two people sharing.  Click here for further details about One to One spiritual help or guidance.

Read Jenny’s Spiritual Books

Jenny has published two spiritual books which she hopes will enrich the lives of individuals, whoever they are.  Whether you’re starting out on your own spiritual journey and seeking answers or teaching others to gain confidence and grow, she says “take the bits you need” to help with your next steps. Click here to find out more.

Book 3 coming soon!

DID YOU KNOW…? A Note from Jenny

“There’s always something you should do before beginning your spiritual development? It’s called ‘clearing the decks’ and it’s something I’ve always recommended to those who are serious about developing spiritually. Spirit always have an order and this is one of them.” Read More >.

If you would like more information you can contact Jenny via our Contacts Form.

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3 thoughts on “Jenny Martin, Spiritual Medium”

  1. I’ve known Jenny for nearly ten years now. Even though we have never lived particularly close to each other, I feel she is always there for me and only a phone call away. I first saw Jenny at my local spiritualist church, where she was the speaker/medium for the Sunday service. I then heard that she was going to do a one day workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed. From there I joined a development circle and in that time, Jenny taught us from the very basics in spirituality i.e. Protection, discipline, Attunement, communication with your guides, and healing. We had lots of homework to do in-between our meetings. Jenny always made time to listen to all of us and gave advice whenever needed. At the end of the year, we formed our own rescue circle so I’ve also had the pleasure of sitting with Jenny in a rescue circle in which I feel Jenny is a master. Jenny is selfless and lives her life helping others. She never judges anyone or the circumstances they may find themselves in. Jenny’s life has not been easy – far from it – but she has a wealth of experience behind her and the ability, through living this spiritual life, to help anyone if she can in the most positive way. I truly value her friendship.

  2. When I first met Jenny, I was dazed by her love of spirit and her spiritual essence. I later discovered she was running a development circle which was one of the best decisions I took in my life. It has now become my pathway in life and I try to live and be as spiritual as I can and to embrace the love of the Great Spirit and share it with others no matter what their response as any negativity can bring you down but because you know that God’s strength and love is in you, you will carry on flying anyway and you know that you are protected. Protection is another lesson that Jenny teaches which in itself, is a vital tool for Life to use when times are hard around you. I call it my invisible wall. I believe over the years Jenny has opened many souls and led them to the pathway of finding the everlasting, unconditional love of God and the spirit world as friends. I have no doubt that Spirit put Jenny in my pathway and I thank God everyday for that gift and hopefully as my life continues and progresses, I too can plant the Seeds of Truth to other souls along their way.

  3. What exciting news about your soon to be published book, A Medium’s Tale. Please let me know when it goes to print because I would love a copy. What can I say about you then my special one. You have been a Teacher, a Mentor, a Guide and a friend and I am truly blessed to have known you. If there was any one person who I can honestly say has made an impact on me both spiritually and personally it is you. You have always been there to give guidance and strength and you have touched the hearts of so many people. As you know Jenny, you were one of the first people to start me on my spiritual journey. Our Rescue Circle was a turning point in my life. It showed me how important this work was. Many people think that platform mediums are the only form of spiritual mediums. They are so wrong. Spiritualism is all about proving to people that there is more than one level of existence and that help is needed on all levels. Not only do we need to help those who grieve but also those who have not managed to go over. You proved to me how valuable this work is and to this day, I have tried my hardest to carry on that work. So Jenny, I truly thank you for your teachings and setting me off on my pathway. You are one of Spirits Earth Angels. God bless.

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