“I can never tell you how glad I am that we met. We both know of course that it was meant to be. Although I have a little blip now and then, it’s kept me safe and through your teaching and the experiences that I never would have had without you, you’ve helped me and some of my family and friends too. And I always get out of the blips again one way or another and this time with yours and Stephen’s help. Much love to you dear Jenny and thank you again.    Renee, Bucks. 23.8.20.”

“I am only up to Month 3 of So… You Want To Develop Spiritually?’  I am about to start Month 4.  So far I’ve managed to be good and not jump ahead, even though I want to. I want to jump to the sections about rescues, but I shall wait.

I have found ‘So… You Want To Develop Spiritually?’ to be a really helpful and informative resource. It has taught me the importance of attunement and why it’s so important to have a good foundation. This book is so full of practical advice and I have learnt a lot. I have found it very helpful and encouraging reading about the experiences of others. Although I haven’t finished this book yet (It’s a year long course), I look forward to what’s to come.   Denise. New Zealand.  29.8.20.”

“Jenny’s book was exactly what I had been searching for.The world of psychic development,  can surprisingly lack Spiritual depth. In her educational book So…You Want To Develop Spiritually?” Jenny clearly differentiates a Psychic medium from a Spiritual (pyschic) medium. The latter is motivated by divine LOVE and can therefore channel very deep messages. Jenny reminds us about the necessity of a spiritual discipline that one must comply with if we are to truly evolve spiritually and truly help others to discover their own soul Path. We are Instruments of the divine and Jenny gives us clear tools to properly tune in. If you are ready for the challenge of self development, self discovery, please, attune to Jenny’s dialogue with her students and you will be truly inspired ! “All you need is Love !” Many thanks Jenny for being such an inspiring and loving teacher ! From Myriam DEVON UK.

““So… You Want To Develop Spiritually?” is my personal spiritual reference library; it is the only book I will need! It not only has confirmations for me but makes perfect sense and puts all the missing pieces of the ‘jig-saw puzzle’ together for me.”  Angela, Shropshire. says: 06/04/2018 at 2:15 pm

 “It’s brilliant! I feel like you are in the room with me while I am reading it, the next best thing to the real you. It’s almost like the I Ching… I can open to any page and there will be something that resonates, is relevant and rings true.” Di, Herts says:  07/02/2017 at 11:08 am

“Jenny’s book was exactly what I had been searching for. The world of psychic development, can surprisingly lack Spiritual depth. In her educational book “So…You Want To Develop Spiritually?” Jenny clearly differentiates a Psychic medium from a Spiritual (pyschic) medium.” Myriam, Devon says: 15/07/2017 at 11:07 am

Jenny, I picked the book up one evening this week.  It is really a beautiful book in and of itself – produced to a high quality.  I am reading a bit at a time but am valuing what you are expressing, NO END! I think I have been very fortunate to have met you.  It’s one of the things that has resonated for me in what you have said early on in the book.  I think it will be a lovely companion for people who are open to spirituality…  It’s very clear to see the “flow” of ideas. Thank you for doing it!’           Tracy, Herefordshire.

 ‘Dear Jenny, I received the BIG book today, fabulous!!  It looks great. I can’t wait to start reading it tonight. I will always treasure it.’               Lesley, Bucks.

 ‘I have started reading your book.  It’s brilliant!’                                Sarah, Glos.

 ‘The reason I lent the book was because I was lucky enough to do your course and enjoyed your teaching very much. My friend asks me questions all the time that sometimes I can’t answer easily. So hey, here’s the book, you need to read this and you’ll start to understand that we all have the same questions, it’s just the answers we need.

I’ll just have to read more of the book but I did really enjoy what I have read so far. As always Jenny, you make complicated issues so beautiful and simple to understand.’                                                                                                 Mike, Herts.

 ‘Hello Jen, I am finding your book an unusual read because of the energy that is attached to it.  I also have the added advantage of hearing your voice as I turn each page, it is special and seems to be leading a life of its own. The cover is ideal to use as an aid to meditation, the eyes rest easily on the plants with their flowering heads and I find myself counting them. Every night when I close the cover I find myself remembering our time together and the wonderful visions that I saw. I am truly blessed.’                                                        Sally, Glos.

 “I have just finished reading A Medium’s Tale and thoroughly enjoyed it and am inspired by the truly spiritual life you have led! I cannot wait to read your second book, So… You Want To Develop Spiritually? I have been on my spiritual path for a few years now but in my quest for learning, I have been reading like mad and soaking up as much information and other people’s knowledge and experiences as I can so I was pleased to read that you think spirituality needs to come following life experience. I really am ready now to seek some assistance with my development and after reading the first page of your development book, I thought I would some day meet you and I really hope I do!” 6 June 2016.  09.02.  Sue; Herefordshire

“I’m charging through your book – A Medium’s Tale – wonderful reading. You write very well as if chatting to a friend. So many ups and downs and incredible experiences that I will read it again so I can absorb it all.  It keeps me in touch with you whilst I’m not seeing you. Looking forward to seeing you again and spending time learning from you and your moving experiences.” 8 May 2017.  16.35.  Amanda; Monmouthshire

“I am going to take my time as you say with the development. Thank goodness you have written a book!” 2 June 2017.  17.30.  Amanda; Mon.

“Hi Jenny, your book arrived. Wow!!!  It is huge..  I can’t wait to begin to read it.  I also have potential dates to visit.  Thanks for your kind words. I’ll let you know my progress!” 5 July 2017.  15.11.  Amanda; Mon.

“Jenny it was so lovely spending time with you today.  I really appreciate your openness, honesty, lack of ego and general all round loveliness.  Thank you for walking beside me on this journey. For the first time I don’t feel afraid or alone and I feel I’m finally learning the skills to develop safely and correctly.” 3 August 2017.  22.13.  Amanda; Mon.

“Good morning Jenny.  Brace yourself; get a coffee, this was a very long half hour attunement….! I really want to attune everyday but am aware you said only 3 times a week!” 5 August 2017.  11.49.  Amanda;  Mon.

“For what it’s worth, I have never felt more positive and reassured and also feeling very loved and close to my guides. My self worth for the first time in years is better than it’s ever been. It’s all so new and mind blowing to me. I have spent years fighting this side of my life but I have never felt so loved and nurtured by my guides. I do trust them 100%.  Also, I was able to open my eyes and consciously write down all that was happening as it unfolded and found that I could return instantly to where the attunement had paused.” 8 August 2017.  22.04.  Amanda; Mon.

“I feel my 2nd attunement was meant to be. It really tested my belief and acceptance.  It is one thing feeling ready; that I made lots of positive changes, quite another registering this on a deep spiritual level, that maybe I wouldn’t have felt had I not had the 2nd attunement. I learnt SO much about myself from my guides from that.

I know I am totally accepting now, that left brain voice had completely left me now even in my daily life. I feel I am able to interpret the symbols more correctly now as well.

The closing down when leaving home works wonderfully as does the closing before sleep. My dreams are lovely and full of symbolism. I am able to translate them too.” 12 August 2017.  11.35.  Amanda;  Mon.

“Since that dream, not only have I had wonderful dreams but yesterday’s attunement was incredible and in my right hand was placed the purple crystal, so I know it is for my work.” 15 August 2017.  11.15.  Amanda; Mon

“Jenny has helped me in so many ways and on so many levels.Jenny’s books have been very honest, open and she has bared her very soul.“So… You Want To Develop Spiritually?” is my personal spiritual reference library; it is the only book I will need!  It not only has confirmations for me but makes perfect sense and puts all the missing pieces of the ‘jig-saw puzzle’ together for me. Jenny is a very kind, caring person and a true, loyal and loving friend. Jenny is a ‘spiritual compass’.  She points you in the right direction for the enrichment of your personal and spiritual development.  This is done with ease, confidence and positivity. You feel you have your own magnet inside your soul that feels right with Jenny naturally guiding you. Jenny leads you to life’s sign posts.  When you look at them in confusion wondering which way to go, she guides you in the right direction and onto the right path in a re-assuring way and you know you can put your complete trust in her in every way. Jenny is like a mother hen (in the nicest possible way).  She places you gently under her protective ‘spiritual’ wing, making you feel safe and secure. Jenny is like a ‘spiritual radox bath’.” Angela, Shropshire.  6 April, 2018.

“I feel you are my personal LIFE COACH Jenny.  Not only my spiritual life coach but my earthly one too giving me the pivotal balance that I need and moving me forward in my own time and my own space, whilst holding my hand when I need it most and letting go when I feel I can fly solo.  I cannot ask for anything more. You are the genie in my lamp who gives me endless wishes and support. THANK YOU.”    Angela, Shrops. 7 April 18.                    

“I met Jenny in March 2018 where I had healing and counselling.  Jenny is a totally amazing, professional lady with sensitivity and good listening skills.  Meeting her is one of the best things that has happened in my life; the healing you have done in one session is unbelievable.  I would have not been able to get through the last few weeks without your support and I’m totally grateful for that.  I look forward to meeting you again and thank you very much.”  Susan, Wales. 04 April 2018.  18.21

“Jenny is a friend I met a number of years ago whilst attending a creative writing class. She is spiritual in every sense, wholeheartedly dedicated to her friends in Spirit and certainly inspired by good, beautiful souls. Her life caring for her autistic son has been exemplary. Jenny is completely genuine in character, freely giving spiritual advice and help in all her counselling. Her life experience gives her empathy and understanding in helping to solve many problems and her spirit guides may add guidance to the way forward: however, Jenny does not give readings. Her relationship with Spirit may aid the less fortunate with skills to fulfil their needs thereby replacing negative with positive solutions. This produces healing of mind and body. Jenny creates a lovely atmosphere of peace and tranquillity around her and her love and kindness are un-bounding.” Zoe, Glos.

“I cannot speak highly enough of Jenny Martin, a very special and spiritual lady. Jenny was the teacher who really gave me the grounding and inspiration and taught me how to achieve a stronger connection with Spirit. At the beginning of each development circle there was an air of excitement and expectation as Jenny delivered her messages to us received from Spirit. There were often exercises and projects they wanted us to carry out to strengthen our bond with them. She then connected with her guides and they, in turn, delivered guidance and philosophy to each one of us. This led to a rescue circle where we succeeded in helping many souls towards the light. I am now developing as a deep trance medium and shall be eternally grateful to Jenny for her devotion to Spirit and for helping me become a clearer channel for them. Jenny has had many challenges in her life and has overcome them with great courage. A wonderful ambassador for Spirit, most highly recommended.” Maureen, Herts.

“I first met Jenny through on one of her spiritual development courses and from the first moment I realised what a talented and gifted medium she is. She has a special gift with people making them feel warm and loved and will do all in her power to help, heal and nurture. My friendship with Jenny is one that I cherish as she has been like a patient sister administering advice and assistance when required and understanding the need for physical and spiritual contact when asked. Jenny has very special spiritual recognition and has rescued many souls and is an excellent teacher to her pupils and mother to her son. Any contact with Jenny leaves you feeling very special; to spend time with her and enjoy the immense warmth and compassion that she bestows with generosity and amazing perception.” Suzy, Oxon.

“I have read Jenny’s book through twice now, and I can honestly say that she is brilliant in the way that she expresses everything that she has gone through…always without ego. I met Jenny when she came to Hereford initially, and she helped me to become more positive in my thoughts and feelings. She is a lovely person to be with… and I really miss our meetings Jen! I always left you feeling happier. The Spiritual road certainly is a very lonely one, and Jenny has certainly been through a lot of experiences to get where she is today. This book should be read by everyone who has knowledge of Spirit, but perhaps not by a complete novice!… we learn as we go forward. I am looking forward to your new book Jenny, so I will place my order now!” Pat, Herefordshire.

“A very special and enlightening person who only has others’ interests at heart. There is no need for concern in contacting her – she will always do her best. I wish you luck with the book. I love the title.” Pauline G. Herts.

“I am so glad I took a leap of faith and called Jenny. She opened my mind and soul. I can honestly say during the period I was fortunate enough to be invited to Jenny’s home, I was a much calmer person with an inner sense of peace and was given an opportunity to progress spiritually with likeminded people. The classes enlightened me and developed connections I never knew I had. I would encourage anyone with a feeling of a sixth sense to explore the possibilities with Jenny.” Stephanie, Bucks.

“I have known Jenny Martin for over ten years…….. I had a home circle which Jenny joined and from ‘A Circle of Service’ grew a healing circle alternating with a ‘Spirit Rescue Circle’. This was amazing – who came through whilst Jenny was in trance. I kept a note of the hundreds of souls who are now with their loved ones (and animals who were pets) in their home in Spirit. Bless you Jenny.” Vicky, Herts.

“As we enter the age of Aquarius the Human race is evolving to a higher level. We are entering an age of spiritual awareness. The darkness of the previous ages has meant that mankind has lost its connection with the higher side. Jenny’s mission is to help restore this connection. Jenny has a sincere and genuine desire to help people connect with their spiritual side (and hence lift the Human race to a higher level of consciousness). I have known Jenny for many years and have sat in circle with her. She is an excellent medium and I would commend her to you. Congratulations on the book.” Roger, Wales.

 “I first spoke to Jenny Martin in the autumn of 1995. I was born in 1965 seeing and hearing spirits and had many beautiful experiences. However, I met a lady in 1993 who took me off on another path and introduced me to a darker aspect of the spirit world. All my life I have had the ability to live between two worlds; “reality” and “beyond the light”. In 1993 to 1995, I witnessed events I can only describe as physical effects from a tormented soul (the lady) and experienced many attacks from earth bound spirits that turned me from a happy positive person into a person who was afraid of everything to the point I had a nervous breakdown. My mother took me to a spiritual church in 1995 and there I met a couple who rescued me and helped me understand what had happened. In late 1995, I received a phone call from Jenny Martin who introduced herself as my teacher. Jenny told me “when the student is ready, the teacher shall appear” these words I will never forget. I cannot put into words the relief I felt, I can only say I felt an overwhelming sense that I could trust this lady and I would now be safe. Since 1995, I have been in constant contact with Jenny who is the most kindest and gentlest of souls I have ever met. I look back now to those days and the many times I called her even during the night for help and feel somewhat humble and so honoured Jenny was bought into my life. Today, we are great friends; I look upon Jenny as you would a mother. She has nurtured me into a confident, positive woman. I have recently completed an honours degree in medical science, something I would never have considered myself worthy enough to attempt. Dearest Jenny, I thank God on a daily basis, that I was blessed enough to have you in my life and now I wish you every success with your book which I know will save the lives of many people, for many years to come.” Gabriella, Kent.

“What exciting news about your soon to be published book, A Medium’s Tale. Please let me know when it goes to print because I would love a copy. What can I say about you then my special one. You have been a Teacher, a Mentor, a Guide and a friend and I am truly blessed to have known you. If there was any one person who I can honestly say has made an impact on me both spiritually and personally it is you. You have always been there to give guidance and strength and you have touched the hearts of so many people. As you know Jenny, you were one of the first people to start me on my spiritual journey. Our Rescue Circle was a turning point in my life. It showed me how important this work was. Many people think that platform mediums are the only form of spiritual mediums. They are so wrong. Spiritualism is all about proving to people that there is more than one level of existence and that help is needed on all levels. Not only do we need to help those who grieve but also those who have not managed to go over. You proved to me how valuable this work is and to this day, I have tried my hardest to carry on that work. So Jenny, I truly thank you for your teachings and setting me off on my pathway. You are one of Spirits Earth Angels. God bless.” Tracey, Herts.

“A Medium’s Tale took me down memory lane and is a big achievement.Thank you Jenny for your wonderful work.” Zerbanoo Gifford (Human Rights Campaigner, Author & Founder of The ASHA Centre.) Glos.

“You have been a busy bee! Loved the website, very well written and very professional. I would say that this, in fact, is one of your greatest attributes, you communicate exceptionally well from a place of truth. You are an exceptional light worker with enormous integrity. A very kind and caring soul. Would love to read your book so when it’s out let me know.” Justine and the cats, Monmouth.

“When I first met Jenny, I was dazed by her love of spirit and her spiritual essence. I later discovered she was running a development circle which was one of the best decisions I took in my life. It has now become my pathway in life and I try to live and be as spiritual as I can and to embrace the love of the Great Spirit and share it with others no matter what their response as any negativity can bring you down but because you know that God’s strength and love is in you, you will carry on flying anyway and you know that you are protected. Protection is another lesson that Jenny teaches which in itself, is a vital tool for Life to use when times are hard around you. I call it my invisible wall. I believe over the years Jenny has opened many souls and led them to the pathway of finding the everlasting, unconditional love of God and the spirit world as friends. I have no doubt that Spirit put Jenny in my pathway and I thank God everyday for that gift and hopefully as my life continues and progresses, I too can plant the Seeds of Truth to other souls along their way.” Ruth C., Herts.

“I’ve known Jenny for nearly ten years now. Even though we have never lived particularly close to each other, I feel she is always there for me and only a phone call away. I first saw Jenny at my local spiritualist church, where she was the speaker/medium for the Sunday service. I then heard that she was going to do a one day workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed. From there I joined a development circle and in that time, Jenny taught us from the very basics in spirituality i.e. Protection, discipline, Attunement, communication with your guides, and healing. We had lots of homework to do in-between our meetings. Jenny always made time to listen to all of us and gave advice whenever needed. At the end of the year, we formed our own rescue circle so I’ve also had the pleasure of sitting with Jenny in a rescue circle in which I feel Jenny is a master. Jenny is selfless and lives her life helping others. She never judges anyone or the circumstances they may find themselves in. Jenny’s life has not been easy – far from it – but she has a wealth of experience behind her and the ability, through living this spiritual life, to help anyone if she can in the most positive way. I truly value her friendship.” Gina, Herts.