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Spiritual Medium, Healer, Counsellor and Author

Spiritualism isn’t a religion, but a knowledge

Jenny used to run spiritual workshops from her home in Buckinghamshire. A home that was a sanctuary for healing, spiritual counselling and education. She knows that people with spiritual ‘gifts’ can often feel lonely and confused and her aim is to address these issues and bring like-minded people together for development and mutual support.

A little about Jenny

Jenny was born into a Jewish family and had to attend synagogue regularly. But Jenny felt different from those around her. She realised she didn’t have to go to synagogue to pray but could just as easily do so in her bedroom.

Jenny’s mother died when she was 15, the beginning of a nomadic period in her life. She had to give up her education and career for the world of work. Having ‘heard’ and ‘seen’ things all her life, she can remember at 18 feeling unusual sensations in her hands as she travelled to work on the train.

For the next 9 years Jenny virtually lived out of a suitcase. One day, she had a chance visit from someone she later learned was a ‘physical signpost’. He told her that if she didn’t stop and take roots soon, she would be on the move for the rest of her life. Two weeks later, Jenny met her husband and they had a son; however, there were still many questions that puzzled her.

A Degree in emotional survival

Why, despite having no interest in any religion, did she feel so religious? Years later, the answer came through a clairvoyant. She was going to be a medium and healer and so, at 45, her life really began to take off. By now she virtually had a degree in emotional survival; such was the rich tapestry of her experiences.

Jenny’s spiritual education came from the highest level. During one of her earliest attunements, she was told by ‘Spirit’, “You do not need books or to go on courses, we will teach you all you need to know – what you call spiritualism is not a religion, but a knowledge.”

Jenny’s First Book – ‘A Medium’s Tale’

This isn’t just the story of my spiritual journey, it’s for all those people who, like me, have had weird and wonderful experiences and questions and have found themselves alone with no-one to talk to. To find out more about this book click here>

Jenny’s Next Book – ‘So… You Want To Develop Spiritually?’

This second book is based on a tried and tested method of teaching which has been extremely successful over the last 15 years. ‘So…You Want To Develop Spiritually?’ is your spiritual companion and can accompany you – step by step – on your spiritual journey. Discover more and more about yourself and your connections to spirit and the spirit world. This book is not just a spiritual development manual but also about the truths of the spirit for you to adopt in your pursuit of happiness, confidence and most of all, inner peace. For more information click here >

Book 3 coming soon! 

Private Tuition

You can now visit Jenny for private personal help, spiritual/psychic counselling and mentoring offered via one-to-one support or for two people sharing.  Click here for further details about One to One spiritual help or guidance.

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3 thoughts on “About Jenny”

  1. I am so glad I took a leap of faith and called Jenny. She opened my mind and soul. I can honestly say during the period I was fortunate enough to be invited to Jenny’s home, I was a much calmer person with an inner sense of peace and was given an opportunity to progress spiritually with likeminded people. The classes enlightened me and developed connections I never knew I had. I would encourage anyone with a feeling of a sixth sense to explore the possibilities with Jenny.

  2. I have known Jenny Martin for over ten years…….. I had a home circle which Jenny joined and from ‘A Circle of Service’ grew a healing circle alternating with a ‘Spirit Rescue Circle’. This was amazing – who came through whilst Jenny was in trance. I kept a note of the hundreds of souls who are now with their loved ones (and animals who were pets) in their home in Spirit. Bless you Jenny.

  3. As we enter the age of Aquarius the Human race is evolving to a higher level. We are entering an age of spiritual awareness. The darkness of the previous ages has meant that mankind has lost its connection with the higher side. Jenny’s mission is to help restore this connection. Jenny has a sincere and genuine desire to help people connect with their spiritual side (and hence lift the Human race to a higher level of consciousness). I have known Jenny for many years and have sat in circle with her. She is an excellent medium and I would commend her to you. Congratulations on the book.

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