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‘A Medium’s Tale’

If anyone had told me when I was young that I was going to be a medium, I would probably have done a Robert De Niro – “Are you talking to me?” but annoyingly, that’s exactly what used to happen. I say annoyingly because at the time, I wasn’t really interested in this kind of thing and my life couldn’t have been further away from the life I was going to lead.

Looking back, I guess there were the occasional tell tale signs. I loved astrology, the cosmos, biblical art and films and I had conversations in my head. Lots of them.

‘A Medium’s Tale’ isn’t just the story of my spiritual journey, it’s for all those people who, like me, have had weird and wonderful experiences and questions and have found themselves alone with no-one to talk to. I look back in wonder and think did all those things happen to me?

There is another reason for this book. I didn’t want people who were sensitive to unusual sights, sounds and smells, etc. to think they were odd. It was something I was so passionate about that I would later welcome all these sensitives into my home. I didn’t want them to go through what I had, wandering around for years and years trying to find people who could identify with me and my experiences. It took me over 40 years but I did it!

I am a deaf, Jewish, spiritual medium and teacher and a single mother to my twenty-six year old autistic son who is also part of my spiritual story.

If you have found yourself being called nutty, weird, a freak or even a witch, then I hope you’ll grab a seat and come and listen to a story of an ordinary girl who ended up having an extraordinary journey. I sincerely hope you will be encouraged by experiences that you recognise only too well and other aspects that you can personally identify with. I don’t want you to feel odd because you’re far from it.

Enjoy. Jenny x

“Dear Jenny, Your book brings the reader a hand of friendship with a voice that cries out, “You are no longer alone.” To all the lost souls out there, this book will touch you with recognition of something you have been through yourselves. It will give you advice and teach you a better way to live. To answer the questions you have been searching for all your life and be filled with the light you have so longed for.” Gabriella, Kent.

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  1. Well, what do I say? What an amazing gift and life you have been having. I found your Book extremely interesting, informative and enlightening. It is just incredible all the things that have been happening to you. It is a massive insight to another world. I keep thinking about various events you mentioned in your Book. It is very thought provoking. I wish you every success in your onward experience and journey.

  2. I’ve been reading your book and I felt that I had to email you, I’ve been in tears – we have so many things in common………… Just reading as far as I have, a lot of what you said was ringing true with me and was very close to home. Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me opening up to you?? I can’t put the book down so I’m going back to it now.

  3. Well, it was certainly enlightening and my very first experience of any ‘mediumshippy’ book. The opening has all the hallmarks of you having had a writing or authorising skills course…. open with a bang and grab the reader’s attention. It had all the flavour of a best seller coming up. It is clear in your writing your immense pride for Sam and by the end of the book, I am (the reader) also so very proud of him too. Wow – an incredible young man indeed. But, for me, (and this may probably surprise you and others) the best part was the end – the Addendum. The passion here is obvious and clear writing was like experiencing a rich meal with all the beautiful flavours coming forth. It’s almost as if you as a teacher and observer of the world along with your special honed skills had then found your true high level writing forte. I could easily have eaten 30 pages of Addendum. The content of the latter pages was uplifting and so full of positive energy. It was as if someone had switched on lots of bright lights. I therefore finished your book on a high. Was this Jenny Martin? What I liked in your style was the very natural way you write. There has been no attempt to make it clinically “correct” in terms of language and the beauty of your writing is as if you’re sat there truly narrating it all. I love the “natural” way you write and hope you retain that style always and for future endeavours. The style helps to get across the true odd element of humour you have and here and there a smile did sweep across my face. Overall; quite brilliant.

  4. I have been meaning to congratulate you on a fascinating book! So proud that my friend has, (1) written and published a book – what a feat! and (2), followed her convictions. I loved the book – I really thought that your personality came through in it (it was hilarious in places) and it’s also such an open account of your experiences. I think it is very marketable.

  5. The bookcases in my home are full to bursting. Some books I have read and the remainder await their turn. However, the story of the moment is ‘A Medium’s Tale’ by Jenny Martin and this I have read from cover to cover. Her book is easy to read, the print is kind to the eye and the manner in which it is set out helps the brain retain the information. Jenny’s book is a true story and some of the events contained within are reflections of times in my own life. At certain places within the book, a woman’s voice would read with me and I heard her voice. And when I met Jenny and she spoke to me for the first time, I realised the voice I had heard was hers. How could that be? I have found sunshine in a dark corner and feel this book points me in the direction of further learning. Hurrah! There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  6. Jenny, Oh my gosh, ‘A Medium’s Tale’ really touched me, what a fantastic read, I couldn’t put it down, in fact, I am going to start reading it again once I have finished my current book.

  7. Really enjoyed reading this book – have just finished! It’s honest, courageous, humorous, uplifting and generous of heart and spirit…just like you! An excellent account of your extraordinary journey. Loved the way you worked in quotes and inspirational passages – engaging with the reader on a deeper level. And your gentle encouragement to “always keep positive” is truly sustaining! Well done, looking forward to the

  8. Dear Jenny, Your book brings the reader a hand of friendship with a voice that cries out, “You are no longer alone.” To all the lost souls out there, this book will touch you with recognition of something you have been through yourselves. It will give you advice and teach you a better way to live. To answer the questions you have been searching for all your life and be filled with the light you have so longed for.

  9. Dearest Jenny. Just wanted to congratulate you again on writing and publishing your book – I’m already half way through it. It was interesting to read about the heaviness you get at night – like anaesthetic – as I have had this a few times in my life and most recently and never knew what it was until now! Thank You! It is so lovely to read about your life and experiences Jenny. I’m so pleased I got to meet you and you have taught me so much. With love and thanks for all that you are and thank you to Spirit for bringing us together. So proud of you and all you have achieved.

  10. WOW!!!!! What can I say!!!! – I’ve finished already…. I couldn’t put it down!! I’ve never enjoyed reading a book more in my life and I could really relate to the book too…the way you wrote was exactly as you speak and not only that but your sense of humour came across SOOO much too! I loved it.
    Talk about things happening for a reason….I NEVER knew that I was part of your first rescue. I felt like a mini you at the beginning of your book… with the constant inquisitive mind… the yearly urge to have a reading… feelings you expressed… so many things I could really relate to.
    I loved reading about your other pupil who was terrified and would love to find out more about how she overcame her fear….. but I guess fear is only thought, if that makes sense – and I clearly haven’t mastered full control of my thought yet!!
    You have had SUCH an amazing journey…so far!! And helped SOOO many people – Anne Frank – crikey, that’s an achievement!!! The situation in Wales with the repetitive suicides was fascinating!!! There is so much I could talk to you about and ask you about but I would be here for ages.
    I laughed and I cried the whole way through…I read things you wrote but also heard you saying them. How much you have achieved for Sam and Asperger’s and how far you came with it…not just for Sam but YOU have had an effect on many other children for the future by standing your ground and getting things done.
    YOU ARE SO SO BRAVE!!! You’ve embraced everything that has come in your direction… dealt with it and made peoples’ lives better!!! And with no fear!!!!?????
    I am so proud of you and I love you so much…there I am trying not to cry AGAIN as I write. You help me not only when I have a “spiritual” problem and am scared but when I have other problems. I always like to talk to you as I feel safe with you and trust you…I just don’t know what I would do without you. I couldn’t trust someone else with my spiritual problems either… I know that you know the right things for me and would never let me be in any danger and if there was something wrong you can sort it out.
    I’m so proud of you for writing this and making people aware and you should be proud of you too. I can’t remember who said it but yes, this book will be your legacy Jen!!! And I will keep my signed copy FOR EVER!!
    I have so many more questions I could pick your brains for hours!!xxxxxx

  11. I bought your book for mum for Christmas and she flew through it and thoroughly enjoyed it despite not being into the subject as much as us. I’m borrowing it now and it’s a really good read. Your book is going to the Workshops and circle for promotion. I will be using your book as part of my teaching material. They know all about you as I quote you regularly. I’m so proud of you and so grateful that I sat in your circle. Thank you for that opportunity.

  12. I read your book ‘A Medium’s Tale’ in approximately 2 days. It took me back as we have known each other since we were 13 and although we haven’t been in constant touch, the years seemed to float away. Your book was just one of the most descriptive, revealing and honest stories that I have ever read. It leaves me wishing I had been with you all the time during the amazing things that have happened to you. Your constant optimism and gratefulness is such a lesson to be learnt and your love and fight for your beloved Sam teaches us what a gift a child is. How strange that my life took a turning to be looking after special needs children using my music therapy. I wondered why at first I didn’t do this earlier in life but obviously I wasn’t ready for this and your book has shown me this.
    The book has also shown the psychic in me that does reveal itself but to a large extent I have ignored. I do realise though that there is no such thing as coincidence and people cross your path for a reason, a season, a lifetime and oh so true and whilst you start your next book I will be reading the first one over and over.

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