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3 thoughts on “Contact Jenny Martin”

  1. I cannot speak highly enough of Jenny Martin, a very special and spiritual lady. Jenny was the teacher who really gave me the grounding and inspiration and taught me how to achieve a stronger connection with Spirit. At the beginning of each development circle there was an air of excitement and expectation as Jenny delivered her messages to us received from Spirit. There were often exercises and projects they wanted us to carry out to strengthen our bond with them. She then connected with her guides and they, in turn, delivered guidance and philosophy to each one of us. This led to a rescue circle where we succeeded in helping many souls towards the light. I am now developing as a deep trance medium and shall be eternally grateful to Jenny for her devotion to Spirit and for helping me become a clearer channel for them. Jenny has had many challenges in her life and has overcome them with great courage. A wonderful ambassador for Spirit, most highly recommended.

  2. A very special and enlightening person who only has others’ interests at heart. There is no need for concern in contacting her – she will always do her best. I wish you luck with the book. I love the title.

  3. I’ve known Jenny for nearly ten years now. Even though we have never lived particularly close to each other, I feel she is always there for me and only a phone call away. I first saw Jenny at my local spiritualist church, where she was the speaker/medium for the Sunday service. I then heard that she was going to do a one day workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed. From there I joined a development circle and in that time, Jenny taught us from the very basics in spirituality i.e. Protection, discipline, Attunement, communication with your guides, and healing. We had lots of homework to do in-between our meetings. Jenny always made time to listen to all of us and gave advice whenever needed. At the end of the year, we formed our own rescue circle so I’ve also had the pleasure of sitting with Jenny in a rescue circle in which I feel Jenny is a master. Jenny is selfless and lives her life helping others. She never judges anyone or the circumstances they may find themselves in. Jenny’s life has not been easy – far from it – but she has a wealth of experience behind her and the ability, through living this spiritual life, to help anyone if she can in the most positive way. I truly value her friendship.

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