Astral Travel

After recalling a particularly vivid, unusual or disturbing dream you will hear me saying that ‘it sounds as though you are working in your sleep’. Firstly, you need to understand that you are never alone when this work takes place. Secondly, our spirit leaves our body when sleeping as it is only our physical body that needs to rest. Our spirit is infinite – like an eternal flame – it never goes out or needs to rest.

However, when your spirit leaves your body during sleep and comes into the realm of spirit, you are always escorted by the guides who walk with you and work with you. It is important that you understand that because no-one should ever travel through the astrals alone. You have to travel through the astrals to get to the higher realms of spirit so no-one ever travels through the astrals without the aid of their spiritual guides and helpers.

You may hear some people say, ‘Oh, I astral travel.’ In fact, it is very dangerous to do so unless you are with your guides. They should always be with you and it should always be a controlled situation. When you travel in your sleep, you are always protected by your spirit guides as the astral plane can be a dangerous place due to the lower vibrations of spirit which often dwell there in darkness.

Types of Work

There are different types of work which you can do in your sleep state. Those who are healers will be taken to give healing. Those who are ‘teachers’ go back to spirit to teach. Then there are those of us who undertake what we call rescue work. For those living in spirit, they consider this a teaching process – an enlightening process. Higher evolved spirit do not go down to the lower regions of the astrals as their very bright ‘light’ – their highly evolved energy – will harm an ignorant soul so they are not allowed to go.

But mediums have given spirit permission to be used in your sleep state…

To learn how to do this safely, there are sections on Astral Travel & Working in Your Sleep in my book with examples of this and physical phenomena. You can also gain spiritual training with my private tuitions.

Excerpt from ‘A Medium’s Tale’ by Jenny Martin – Autobiography

“That night I would once again have the most amazing experience, The fuzzy numb feeling like an anaesthetic awoke me from sleep and I knew something was going to happen. I was going to astral travel again. I felt the energy rush and the ‘splitting’ in two and the first thing I saw was a Greek temple like the Parthenon straight ahead of me in the distance… The first thing I saw were two nuns, one in the foreground and the other in the background. They were dressed in grey habits with white bands inside their wimples but I couldn’t see their faces. Next, I noticed two small fires in the ground, again, one in the foreground with the other further back and realized that it was the fire that was lighting up the room. I looked down again and saw that the floor was sand… Finally, I saw two round pools of water in the sandy ground, one near me and another further away. I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing as it all seemed so surreal but then I heard a voice say, “Yes, this is Spirit Hospital.” and I suddenly remembered the funeral that afternoon and what I had thought as Alex’s coffin was brought down the aisle. I had been given proof of what I had thought and it had been immediate. This was just too incredible for words. I felt the luckiest girl alive to be shown all this and once again, so privileged.”

Trance & Rescue

To me, if you are going to do rescue, you will also do trance. This is because in both cases, spirit are taking over your senses, taking over your vocal cords, taking over your ‘body’.

I started doing rescue before I was doing trance. The first time I heard about rescue mediumship, I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever heard of. I also saw the beauty and genius of being able to help two people by doing one thing; two for the price of one, I used to say. That is, helping both incarnate and discarnate spirit at the same time. I was therefore smitten and I knew, if I ever could, I wanted to do it! Why, because I’ve always wanted to help people and this was a unique type of ‘work’. You can also see the results of your labours and because you can make everyone’s lives better.

You see, when you help with rescue, you are allowing a lost soul to go home plus restoring the person’s life here on the earth plane back to normality. When I first got involved with rescue work, there was only one way to do it – one procedure – I now know different. We are learning all the time.

Rescue Mediumship

When I began my rescue mediumship, it was something done by two people. A medium who would manifest the spirit in question and a corresponding medium whose job it was to coax this spirit entity over to the ‘other side’. Rescue work was either done in a spiritual circle or at the place where the rescue or ‘exorcizing’ needed doing.

Since then, I have learnt that a rescue can be done by a medium on their own, with two or more mediums linking up and working together even though they all live in different areas and that a medium’s participation in a rescue can vary too.

To hear about my experiences doing rescue you can read my books. I also detail why we need a medium if spirit’s power is phenomenal and show how this is done using step by step taped tutorials. You can buy my Development Book by clicking here now.

Excerpt from ‘A Medium’s Tale’ by Jenny Martin – Autobiography

One evening I arrived and Vicky told me that it was just the two of us and we would be sitting in her front room instead of the back. By now I had done many rescues and was getting used to them coming through although I still lacked confidence as each one would be totally different. This would be the evening that we helped a lieutenant colonel. His voice was very posh and as usual, Vicky was handling him very well and found out that he hadn’t passed over due to concern about his men. But what was so surprising was that when his wife came to collect him, I saw a row of wives all turned out in their best ‘forties’ clothes and it was then I knew, that not only was the lieutenant colonel going home but he was taking his regiment with him! (I had learnt how sometimes Spirit would remove several people at the same time but never imagined it being part of an army!) Vicky and I have never forgotten that rescue.”