“The psychic is the tool for the spiritual.” We all have senses. We were given them so that we could use them as much as we can to the best of our ability and for our higher good whether we want to pursue this area for ourselves or for our fellow man.

Our mind, our consciousness, can also be used with other senses which are labelled psychic ‘gifts’ for use with clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, healing, psychometry, flower sentience, psychic art, etc. These are forms of expression fuelled from the spirit realms and fed through your mind to produce a communication dependent on your ability and understanding of what is around you. Many people use tarot, playing cards, rune stones, crystals, etc. which are tools they believe they need in order to communicate with the spirit world. But if they wanted to, they could abandon these material possessions and just communicate direct with spirit; have a direct line to God.

The conscious mind is the divine monitor, the channel for thought, the channel for communication – everyone has the ability to communicate. We all have minds, we all have senses and chakra points, we are all spirit inside our ‘bodies’ and we all have guides and helpers who are waiting to communicate with us and hoping that one day we will acknowledge their communication with us.

The Reason for Attunement

The reason for attunement is to facilitate the accession of your spirituality, your soul being, to a more highly evolved spirit, or, to simplify that; attunement allows higher evolved spirit to communicate with you. Man was not meant to be cut off from the world of spirit. Notice I say ‘attunement’ and not ‘meditation’.

With meditation – you look within, you go within, you learn to control your mental ability, you learn to control the flightiness of the mind, you come face to face with yourself. But with attunement – you lift yourself out of yourself, you open your chakras, you allow the Light within to reach out to the Light of Spirit. Attunement means At-one-ment – at one with spirit.

Why attunement …

… why not development? With development you do not attune but with attunement, your own development takes place automatically; it automatically grows when you attune. Through attunement you gain a greater understanding of your own spirituality.

This spiritual development course and method of teaching was relayed to me by my spiritual guides over 20 years ago and is a method I have used ever since. How could I not share all that spirit had taught me; I therefore realised that the best way was to write a book on spiritual development.

‘So… You Want to Develop Spiritually?’ is now available to buy. Or you can contact me directly for more information.