Jenny Martin

Personal Spiritual Tuition in Mid Wales with Jenny Martin

You are unique and on your own independent spiritual journey – no two souls are the same. As individuals, we are not expected to know everything and certainly not about ourselves. However, we can all help and learn from one another.

When we feel lost or stuck, we need someone to point us in the right direction or help us to see another way forward. This is where Jenny can help.

Jenny Martin has been a working spiritual medium for over fifteen years. She is the author of two books: 'A Medium’s Tale' and 'So... You Want To Develop Spiritually?'

She offers spiritual help & guidance, counselling and mentoring to those interested in acquiring some well-deserved spiritual nourishment. She is passionate and committed to helping others fulfil as much of their potential as possible.

Jenny lives and works in a pretty cottage in Powys, Mid Wales – a sanctuary for the spiritual.

There are a number of B&B’s or hotels* nearby if you would like to combine your personal tuition with Jenny with a refreshing time away. Jenny’s home can be accessed easily by road or rail – The Heart of Wales line being the nearest. (*Please ask for information, if required.)

How It Works?

Jenny will undertake an initial assessment to evaluate where you currently are on your path. Through her longstanding and steadfast relationships with her own spiritual guides, she will be able to help you on the next stage of your spiritual journey.

Although each person’s help will depend on what spirit think they need at this moment in time, your time with Jenny will probably include counselling, meditation, connecting and working with your spirit guides, spiritual philosophy, general advice and spiritual counselling as well as a programme of help tailored to your specific needs.

We always have a choice and it is no different when working with Jenny, whether you would like short-term help or an on-going guided programme of one to one personal development. She works with you at your own pace and always with your full agreement whatever the next step is for you.

DID YOU KNOW…? A Note from the Author

"There’s always something you should do before beginning your spiritual development? It’s called ‘clearing the decks’ and it’s something I’ve always recommended to those who are serious about developing spiritually. So, please, think about this first before you dive into your new spiritual manual?” Read More


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Contacting Jenny

Initial enquiries and requests for further information should be made via our contact form.

Jenny will be happy to make suggestions to help you further, which may include a follow up telephone call before your visit.



Jenny Martin

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