Jenny Martin


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“Jenny is a friend I met a number of years ago whilst attending a creative writing class. She is spiritual in every sense, wholeheartedly dedicated to her friends in Spirit and certainly inspired by good, beautiful souls. Her life caring for her autistic son has been exemplary. Jenny is completely genuine in character, freely giving spiritual advice and help in all her counselling. Her life experience gives her empathy and understanding in helping to solve many problems and her spirit guides may add guidance to the way forward: however, Jenny does not give readings. Her relationship with Spirit may aid the less fortunate with skills to fulfil their needs thereby replacing negative with positive solutions. This produces healing of mind and body. Jenny creates a lovely atmosphere of peace and tranquillity around her and her love and kindness are un-bounding.” Zoe, Glos.

“I cannot speak highly enough of Jenny Martin, a very special and spiritual lady. Jenny was the teacher who really gave me the grounding and inspiration and taught me how to achieve a stronger connection with Spirit. At the beginning of each development circle there was an air of excitement and expectation as Jenny delivered her messages to us received from Spirit. There were often exercises and projects they wanted us to carry out to strengthen our bond with them. She then connected with her guides and they, in turn, delivered guidance and philosophy to each one of us. This led to a rescue circle where we succeeded in helping many souls towards the light. I am now developing as a deep trance medium and shall be eternally grateful to Jenny for her devotion to Spirit and for helping me become a clearer channel for them. Jenny has had many challenges in her life and has overcome them with great courage. A wonderful ambassador for Spirit, most highly recommended.” Maureen, Herts.

“I first met Jenny through on one of her spiritual development courses and from the first moment I realised what a talented and gifted medium she is. She has a special gift with people making them feel warm and loved and will do all in her power to help, heal and nurture. My friendship with Jenny is one that I cherish as she has been like a patient sister administering advice and assistance when required and understanding the need for physical and spiritual contact when asked. Jenny has very special spiritual recognition and has rescued many souls and is an excellent teacher to her pupils and mother to her son. Any contact with Jenny leaves you feeling very special; to spend time with her and enjoy the immense warmth and compassion that she bestows with generosity and amazing perception.” Suzy, Oxon.

“I have read Jenny's book through twice now, and I can honestly say that she is brilliant in the way that she expresses everything that she has gone through...always without ego. I met Jenny when she came to Hereford initially, and she helped me to become more positive in my thoughts and feelings. She is a lovely person to be with... and I really miss our meetings Jen! I always left you feeling happier. The Spiritual road certainly is a very lonely one, and Jenny has certainly been through a lot of experiences to get where she is today. This book should be read by everyone who has knowledge of Spirit, but perhaps not by a complete novice!... we learn as we go forward. I am looking forward to your new book Jenny, so I will place my order now!” Pat, Herefordshire.

“A very special and enlightening person who only has others’ interests at heart. There is no need for concern in contacting her – she will always do her best. I wish you luck with the book. I love the title.” Pauline G. Herts.

“I am so glad I took a leap of faith and called Jenny. She opened my mind and soul. I can honestly say during the period I was fortunate enough to be invited to Jenny’s home, I was a much calmer person with an inner sense of peace and was given an opportunity to progress spiritually with likeminded people. The classes enlightened me and developed connections I never knew I had. I would encourage anyone with a feeling of a sixth sense to explore the possibilities with Jenny.” Stephanie, Bucks.

“I have known Jenny Martin for over ten years........ I had a home circle which Jenny joined and from ‘A Circle of Service’ grew a healing circle alternating with a ‘Spirit Rescue Circle’. This was amazing – who came through whilst Jenny was in trance. I kept a note of the hundreds of souls who are now with their loved ones (and animals who were pets) in their home in Spirit. Bless you Jenny.” Vicky, Herts.

“As we enter the age of Aquarius the Human race is evolving to a higher level. We are entering an age of spiritual awareness. The darkness of the previous ages has meant that mankind has lost its connection with the higher side. Jenny's mission is to help restore this connection. Jenny has a sincere and genuine desire to help people connect with their spiritual side (and hence lift the Human race to a higher level of consciousness). I have known Jenny for many years and have sat in circle with her. She is an excellent medium and I would commend her to you. Congratulations on the book.” Roger, Wales.

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Jenny Martin

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