Jenny Martin


Healing is one of the highest forms of mediumship. The healer thinks not of himself but only of the receiver of his healing.

Those of you who are healers chose to be so before you were born. Like all forms of mediumship, the choice was made in spirit between you and your spirit guides. You cannot learn to heal. You can be taught the necessary requirements within your material world. You can be taught the ethics of healing but you cannot learn how to heal. You are either a healer or you are not or to re-phrase this better, you are either a healing channel or you are not.

All mediumship works on the vibration of spirit and healing is no different. It is the vibration of energy that comes through to the recipient. The body, the psychic instrument, is formed and fashioned in such a manner that those healing energies may flow freely, unobstructed through to the recipient. Healers are born they are not made.

“If I cannot learn to be a healer what do I do?” Nothing! You attune. You sit in attunement. You lift your vibration, you blend with the spiritual guides and helpers that surround you. The more you attune, the more that vibration is blended, the more it becomes as one. You do nothing. It is spirit who works through you. It is spirit who channels that healing energy through you who really does the work. The greatest healers are the ones who do nothing. The greatest healers are the ones who say, “Here I am, use me.”

Healing is massive. There is much more about healing and healing power included as a development chapter in my book ‘So… You Want to Develop Spiritually?’ or you can contact me directly.



Jenny Martin

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